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Programmable Pleasure


Help us find the ultimate vibration patterns for all with our latest vibrator series FLEX!

Update - June 17th: Our crowdsourcing and pre-order campaign for the Flex and Duet Flex are officially over! Thank you for your support. If you've purchased a Flex or Duet Flex, we've shipped it out, so please keep an eye on your mailbox if you haven't received it yet. If you missed out on the campaign (or want to order more!), we have added our "Greatest Hits" versions of both vibrators to our retail site:


Update - May 4th:  We have now officially sold out of all the Limited Edition Programmable Flex Series. While our original plan for the Programmable Flex vibrators was to make them available only for participants in the crowdsourcing project, and use what we learned from those participants to create our Greatest Hits Flex vibrators, we didn’t anticipate that there were so many of you who wanted to be able to program your own vibration patterns!

Although we won’t be able to include any more participants in the crowdsourcing project due to time constraints, we are going to make more Programmable Flex series vibrators available for the campaign. People who buy these vibrators (which are identical to the limited edition units) will have full access to the MyVibes programming application, but will not submit the survey to receive a Crave store credit (though we of course welcome any feedback you may have!).

Please feel free to share this news with your friends who missed out on the original Programmable vibrators!

Update - April 22nd:  We just added a few options for our international friends.  We were worried about the timing issues for both shipping and feedback, but by extending the project a few weeks and upgrading to FedEx for international shipping, we found a way to make it work.  Thx for your patience and a welcome to all :)

Update - April 21st:  Wow!  That happened fast. Our early bird batch of Limited Edition Programmable Flex sold out in the first 24 hours. How great to see so much interest in participating in the vibration design process!  To further support this we have allocated a second batch of these limited edition units that we will be able to ship later this month.



At CRAVE we have always believed that sex toys should be as beautiful and sophisticated as other modern products in your life. To that end, we continue to explore new ways to create the best possible products.


For our new Flex vibrators, we’re going to need a little help. And that’s the fun part. Vibration patterns are not always easy to figure out -- after all, how can we know what you really, really like? We’ve come up with a new twist on user research: enabling you to help us uncover the best vibration patterns through a little DIY vibrator programming.

Limited Edition Programmable Duet Flex



The Evolution of Crowdfunding to Crowdsourcing


We got our start as the first company to develop a crowdfunded vibrator with the Duet in 2012, and completed another record-breaking campaign in 2014 with our award-winning Vesper vibrator necklace.  We love and have learned much from the direct engagement with our community and feel like crowdfunding has really become part of our DNA.


With Flex, we're excited to embark on what we think is the next stage of crowdfunding -- to bring our community in as part of the product development process. By providing direct access to the "vibration engine" for the Flex series, we'll be able to offer a limited number of project backers a hands-on design experience, and in doing so, create products that are better for everyone.



Our online Flex Programming Application

How Do I Get Involved - Two Main Options
1) Participate in the crowdsourcing directly with the Programmable Flex Series.
With these limited edition units, backers will use the Flex Online application (we like to call it “my
vibes”) to create and test a broad range of vibration patterns and intensities. Throughout the campaign, we will aggregate and analyze this crowdsourced data (our version of big data”) which should help guide us to what the best and most widely-appealing patterns will be on the final product. As an extra bonus for being a part of this group you will get your Flex first, you will be able to continually evolve your vibrations, and you'll receive a $100 CRAVE store credit at once you submit your patterns and survey feedback within 2 weeks of receiving your unit. Update: This part of the project is now sold out and complete. We’re making additional Programmable Flex vibrators available for purchase, but not for participation in the crowdsourcing project.
2) Pre-order the non-programmable Greatest Hits.
If you just want the good vibrations, so to speak, you can wait till the project is complete and we have assembled the Greatest Hits from the crowdsourcing project. Select this option to receive one of the final production non-programmable Greatest Hits Flex or Greatest Hits Duet Flex vibrators.


Either way, this is a unique opportunity to help CRAVE make better products and to be among the first to experience the results of our crowdsourcing experiment.

Greatest Hits are available in three colors



Why This Is Exciting


We've learned that there's tremendous diversity in the kind of sex people want to have. We've also learned that it can be hard for people to articulate subtle preferences around the power and intensity of the sensations that appeal to them.


We believe that creating a space to experiment and opening the conversations around expressing those preferences is a valuable endeavor. Including our community in our product development process not only offers people the possibility of having more conversations about their desires, but will also help us make better and more exciting vibrators.


Speaking of more exciting vibrators...


The Flex series, like all CRAVE vibrators, reflects our careful attention to design and material selection. Quiet-but-powerful motors deliver a satisfying rumbling sensation (rather than an unpleasant buzz), and the body-safe silicone housing is waterproof for easy play and cleaning.


Limited Edition - Programmable Flex Series

It has been said that with great power comes great responsibility. Select this limited-edition option for a truly-DIY vibration experience and a behind-the-scenes peek at hardware programming. When you select a Programmable Flex or Programmable Duet Flex, you’ll get the beautiful Flex hardware and password-protected access to Flex Online, an application that allows you to configure vibration patterns and intensity, then download those patterns via USB to your vibrator.

Directly download your vibration patterns right from your computer to your vibrator!

When you’ve configured your ultimate vibration pattern set, we’ll ask you to submit it with your feedback. You’ll get the thrill of being part of the development process, and we’ll also thank you for your time and effort with a $100 Crave store credit.


Greatest Hits - Flex Series

Greatest Hits Flex and Duet Flex offer excitement without complexity. Choose this reward if you want a luxurious vibe pre-configured with the best of our crowdsourced vibration patterns. The Greatest Hits vibrators are available in your choice of black, blue or hot pink body-safe silicone with bright gold-plated accents.






Duet Flex is available in your choice of Black, Blue or Pink, with a gold band.

  • Flexible dual motors tips

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Waterproof

  • Multiple modes and power settings

  • Travel lock

  • Virtually silent

  • Phthalate free & body safe

  • Nickel-free plating - as with all CRAVE products.

  • Travel sleeve included

  • Product dimension: (12cm x 3cm x 1.4cm) 4.7”x 1.2”x .55”

  • Designed for external use only, not for insertion.


USB rechargeable - no cables needed!


Flex is available in your choice of Black, Blue or Pink, with a gold band.


  • Flexible single motor tip

  • USB Rechargeable

  • Waterproof

  • Multiple modes and power settings

  • Travel lock

  • Virtually silent

  • Phthalate free & body safe

  • Nickel-free plating - as with all CRAVE products.

  • Travel sleeve included

  • Product dimension: (11.6cm x 2cm x 1.6cm ) 4.6”x 0.8”x 0.6”

  • Designed for external use only, not for insertion.


USB Rechargeable in any USB port.  All Flex series vibrators include a travel lock to prevent accidentally turning on during travel.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will my products ship, is it discreet?

    Your order is shipped in a discreet plain white shipping box. There are no branding or markings on the outside of the box. There is only a USPS or FedEx shipping label.

  • What is your return policy?

    All vibrator sales are final. Once the product is shipped, we do not accept returns due to health and hygiene.

  • By which carrier will my shipment be sent?

    All domestic and international shipments will be sent via FedEx from San Francisco. PO Box addresses will be shipped via USPS. Local carriers will vary from country to country.

  • When will my order ship?

    The Early Birds and Limited Edition models will ship first. The Greatest Hits will ship in June 2015, once the data from the Limited Edition series is analyzed and loaded.

  • Will my card be charged right away when I pre-order?

    Yes, your credit card will be charged immediately, however you can change your mind up until the product is shipped. Once the product is shipped, we do not issue refunds.

  • Will my name be posted here on this campaign publically if I become a backer?

    No, absolutely not. We only show the number of rewards claimed. There is no information on the backers shown on our page.

  • Why is the $100 store credit no longer available on the non-limited edition models?

    In order to effectively crowdsource vibration patterns for the project, we made a small number of Limited Edition Programmable Flex vibrators available for early shipping and we required very rapid turnaround on participant feedback. We wanted to thank those early backers for that extra effort and haste.

    We’re pleased to be able to make additional Programmable vibrators available, which are identical in function to the original Limited Edition units, but we can no longer include participants in the crowdsourcing project and as such, will not provide additional store credit to those who purchase Programmable vibrators

  • How do you deal with VAT/duties in foreign countries?

    Shipping cost does not include VAT/duties as they are unique for each country and we can NOT collect this upfront. All duty and any VAT is the responsibility of the customer. If you do not pay the duty, it will be abandoned and you will still be liable for the charge.

  • How do I get the $100 store credit?

    When you buy an Early Bird OR Limited Edition Programmable Flex or Duet Flex vibrator, you will be asked to fill out a survey WITHIN 2 WEEKS of receiving the product to give us feedback on your preferred settings. All surveys will be audited and kept confidential. Once your fully-completed feedback is verified, the $100 credit will be emailed to you for use at online at

  • With the Limited Edition Flex Programmable units, can I continue making programming changes even after I submit my pattern?

    Yes, the online Programming application will continue to be live even after the project is over.

  • What will I need to program the limited edition vibrators?

    A computer with a USB port and internet connection.

  • Will I be charged extra shipping fees if I order multiple Flex vibrators?

    No, the shipping is flat rate.

  • Will the Limited Edition Programmable Flex or Programmable Duet Flex be available for purchase after the campaign?

    We do not plan to sell these products after this campaign.

  • Why isn't the Programmable Flex available internationally?

    As much as we would love to offer the Programmable Flex to international customers, the time involved to ship overseas and get through customs clearance would very likely go outside the window where we could get feedback in time to incorporate into the project. We are looking into offering a small batch of the Programmable Flex units later that wouldn’t include the user feedback part of the project.

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