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Turn Me On...Wear Me Out


Introducing Vesper: the world’s first luxurious rechargeable vibrator necklace.

**Orders placed before August 8: Shipping early September**

**Orders placed after August 8: Shipping middle/late September**

**Orders placed after August 15: Shipping in October**

**Orders placed after October 18: Shipping in early November**


Update #5: Our pre-order campagin has offically ended as of November 2014 and we have shipped to all our backers. Thank you all so much for your support! Vesper is now in full production and availbe for order on our main site at


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Cosmopolitan: “It's pretty bad-ass to wear evidence of taking charge of your own sexual pleasure. Walking around wearing a vibrator necklace is a great way to say ‘I'm here, I masturbate, and I'm proud of that’.”


Glamour: “File this under things you didn't know you needed until now: Crave's Vesper, a small vibrator that also doubles as, dare I say, a chic pendant necklace.”


Refinery29: “This wearable vibrator is surprisingly elegant.”



TechCrunch: "It looks like the pencil pendant worn by Joan on “Mad Men” or a small bolt (in a pinch, you can probably also use it to hold your IKEA furniture together)."


Jezebel: "If you have ever admired a nice piece of jewelry and thought "if only I could masturbate with this," there's good news. A company has finally designed a vibrator that also works as a nice piece of bling."


At Crave we have always believed that “sex toys” should be as beautiful and sophisticated as other modern products in our life. That they should look as good as they feel.

We embrace the idea that sex is healthy, wholesome and playful, and that it provides vital sparks to everyday life. We know people crave a variety of sexual experiences and that there should be no judgment, stigma, or shame about that desire. To that end, it has always been our goal to elevate the idea of sex toys for women through beautiful and well-considered design.

We began with our first product, Duet, the world's first crowdfunded vibrator, in 2012 and since then have added more to our vibrator line as well as a jewelry collection. We want to offer a variety of products that enable a fun and pleasurable experience. Now, we are sharing our latest product with you: Vesper - a vibrator necklace.


Pictured: Vesper comes in three colors, matching chain included in purchase

In the spirit of continuing to elevate what sex toys could be, we've pushed the envelope by creating our version of wearable tech. Vesper is both a gorgeous piece of jewelry as well as a strong slim vibrator. Many have created a vibrator that fails as quality jewelry or a gimmicky pendant with underwhelming vibration. We've made sure that Vesper can truly do both in the most elegant and considered way. We believe that you can have it all.



Vesper is a solid stainless steel pendant with a nickel-free plated cap. Its clean, sleek aesthetics make for both a subtle addition to your outfit and a standalone statement piece.

Vesper is available in 3 colors - silver, rose gold, and 24 KT gold-plated with matching stainless steel chain.


Pictured: Vesper comes in three colors, matching chain included in purchase


(+)  Fully USB rechargeable with the supplied cable.

(+) Stainless steel body and tip will not change color or tarnish.

(+) Free engraving for all pre-orders only (under 60 characters).

(+) 26" nickel-free stainless steel chain.

(+) Whisper-quiet.

(+)  Splashproof for easy cleaning with soap and water.

(+)  Just a few essential modes: low, medium, and high + pulsing - not too many, just enough.

(+)  Intuitive design - just one button to turn on, change speeds, and hold to turn off.

(+)  Product Dimensions: 3.8" long, .3" diameter (.5" diameter at cap).

(+)  Nickel-free plating - as with all CRAVE products.

(+) Designed for external clitoral use only. Not for insertion.


(Watch our engraving process:

Vesper is only 4 weeks away from shipping- so we are taking pre-orders now. Unlike our last project, Duet, which was crowdfunded, Vesper is entering production and will ship in early September.  By pre-ordering you will be one of the very first to receive a Vesper, not to mention the great pre-order price and free custom engraving! This pre-release price will be live through August 31st or until we run out of our first production run. After this date you'll be able to pre-order Vesper but at retail price and for a later shipping date.



Update #4: We have now reached the original end-date of our campaign, but due to the success of Vesper we've been able to extend our pre-order period until the estimated public release date of October 7. We're incredibly grateful for all the support and amazing responses we've gotten! Pre-orders are still available at our special pre-release pricing, but with a couple of changes. Here’s a few updates on what that means:

-We are finalizing shipping details on the first 3 production runs for the Pre-Launch period. We’ll send out updates in the next few days about when everyone’s orders will ship.

-Any orders placed after September 2nd will be part of our 4th production run and will ship at a later date.

-Credit cards will now be charged shortly after placing a pre-order, but orders can still be cancelled at any time prior to shipping.

Update #3 - Sep 2: We are absolutely delighted by the initial response to the Vesper! Here’s where we’re at:

-Our initial production run of 750 units sold out immediately and we doubled it to 1550. Anyone who purchased a Vesper prior to August 8th can expect it to ship in early September.

-Our second production run of 1000 units is nearly sold out as well. We plan to ship these in late September.

-We’ve just opened a third larger production run that we hope will last the duration of the August pre-order period and we anticipate shipping in October.


Update #2 - Aug 7th:  Wow!  It seems like before the proverbial “ink” dried on the last update, we are posting a new one.  Even though we doubled the capacity of our first production run just a few days ago to 1550, it looks like we are at risk of having all of those spoken for soon as well.  As we are already in production, we can’t increase this first batch, but what we are doing is moving forward with a second run ASAP.  Our goal will be to build enough Vespers to last until the end of the pre-order period.  The difference between the first and second production run will be that any pre-orders placed after August 8th will ship late September rather than early September (for the 1st batch). Thank you again! We are most grateful for all the support here!

Update #1 - August 5th: A big *Thank You* to all who have supported us.   Between the social sharing of our supporters and the media coverage we have been so fortunate to receive, word spread quickly and our first production run is now spoken for.  Fortunately, because this all happened so quickly we have been able to work with our supply-chain and double this first run to support 1,500 orders.  Thx again! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if the vibration is too strong for me?

    The Vesper has three intensity levels, allowing you to adjust as needed. If it's still too strong, try using the Vesper outside your clothing to dampen the vibration. Alternatively, experiment with different positions or locations on the body to find what works for you.

  • Why does my Vesper get warm during use?

    It is totally normal for Vesper to warm up with use. The longer you use it the warmer it will get, but it should not get too hot to touch.

  • Where can I find instructions for my Vesper?

    Vesper instructions are enclosed in the product package.

  • How should I care for the gold plating on my 24K Vesper?

    Because gold is a soft metal, the plating may wear off over time. Avoid abrasive or chemical cleaning supplies to preserve the plating.

  • How long will one charge on Vesper last?

    On the lowest setting Vesper will run for 90 mins; on medium setting 70 min and 50min on the highest.

  • Is Vesper made of real silver?

    Vesper is made of a stainless steel body and tip with silver-colored plating.

  • How do I get my free engraving?

    During checkout you'll see a text field in which you can enter your optional, free engraving message. Just make sure it's no longer than 60 characters, including spaces!

  • Will my card be charged right away when I pre-order?

    Your card will be charged shortly after placing your pre-order, but you can cancel and refund your order up until shipping.

  • I didn't get a confirmation email after placing my order. What's up?

    We've found that some of our customers' confirmation emails are getting sent to Google's promotions tab or to a spam folder. If you haven't gotten an email yet, check those to places, then email us at Due to high traffic to our site a few customers have had trouble getting their orders through, so if you're worried you may be one of them, don't hesitate to contact us and we can manually send you confirmation.

  • Will I be charged extra shipping fees if I order multiple Vespers?

    If you order multiple quantities of the same product (ex. Rose Gold-plated Vesper), you will only be charged the shipping cost once ($5 for domestic, $35 for international). We had a glitch in the pre-order system causing extra shipping fees that we have since fixed. Do note, however, that if you place orders for different products (ex. One Silver Vesper and one Rose Gold-plated Vesper), these count as separate orders and you will be charged two separate shipping fees.

  • When will my order ship?

    We've had four production runs, each with different shipping dates:
    Orders placed before August 8th will ship in early September.
    Orders placed Aug 9-Aug15 will ship mid-late September.
    Orders placed Aug 16-Sep 2nd will ship in October.
    Orders placed after Sep 2nd will ship in October.

  • Where is the Vesper made?

    Vesper was designed in San Francisco, manufactured in a state of the art facility in China, and then custom engraved and QC's back at our San Francisco headquarters.

  • How do I turn on the Vesper?

    Simply press the button on Vesper's side once. To turn off, press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds.

  • How do I use the Vesper?

    Vesper is designed for external clitoral stimulation and is not intended for vaginal or anal penetration. To cycle through intensities and pulse mode press the button. We recommend starting on the low setting and working your way up to high.

  • How do I know the Vesper's charge level?

    When you turn on Vesper by pressing its button, if it buzzes twice Vesper is almost out of battery. Otherwise, it's good to go!

  • How do I charge the Vesper?

    Unscrew the cap and screw the custom USB cable into the body. Plug the cable into any standard USB port (in your computer, in an outlet with an adapter, etc). The LED light on the cable will change from red to blue to indicate a full charge. Charging time is 1.5-2 hours.

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